The Artist’s Way: Week 2

The Artist’s Way: Week 2

So I successfully completed week 1….sort of. Okay I forgot the rest of the tasks but I’m not put off and so on Friday I start the second week. This week I will get everything done! I start to read….

Week 2 declares that I am ‘Recovering a sense of identity’. This week is about trusting our own creativity and not doubting it or ourselves. This chapter mentions ‘poisonous playmates’ and ‘crazymakers’.

Poisonous playmates could be anyone, friends, family members, co-workers, who do not want you to succeed in your artistic endeavours. They will constantly put you down and extoll the benefits of not living your dreams. They may be jealous of your new found creativity or be trapped artists themselves.

Crazymakers are those who thrive on drama (you know who I mean!!) and use this to hinder or squash creativity in others. No matter how important your time and energy, their drama is far more important. Creatives need to be wary of both of these types people and limit time spent with them. It is advised to cut off ties completely but this is not always possible, especially if it is a family member or co-worker.

Now that I’ve read the chapter, I move onto the tasks. I still have to do the morning pages every day. Its not as easy to get up as the first week but I try my best. I missed one day this week because I got a bug so I indulged in a little lie on. I also noticed that it’s not as easy to keep the words flowing and I struggle to fill all 3 pages. Most of the time it’s trivial little lists, shopping lists, to do lists, etc but it’s still clearing my head and putting me in a positive mood to start the day with.

I start to work my way through the rest of the tasks outline, they are straightforward enough and not too taxing. I get them done quite quickly. I have to admit it does feel a little like being back at school. More than once this week I told Husband to go as I was doing my homework. I did lose track of time a bit after being sick and missed my artist’s date this week. I was looking forward to it and was very disappoint it got side tracked.

This week my time management has improved a little and my moods are definitely better. I’m making better decisions about my life and time and am really feeling the benefit. I’m still getting a good night’s rest and feel like I’m getting the most out of my day. Despite the setback this week I’m still positive about the experience and keep working away.

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