The Artist’s Way: Week 3

The Artist’s Way: Week 3

I’ve made it to week three! Woohoo! I can’t believe I haven’t given up yet! It really must be working or else I’ve gone completely stark raving mad. The latter is highly possible!

This week I am ‘Recovering a sense of Power’. It deals with the emotions that might crop up on our path to creative enlightenment. The nasty ones like shame and anger. It also teaches us about ‘synchronicity’. This simply means that we are provided with what we need. I decided I wanted a fold-up writing table but couldn’t afford one, then I found a laptop tray for a price I could afford. This is synchronicity.

My moods and energy are still good this week but I’m forcing myself to get out of bed. I’m better at the morning pages but I’m still not quite filling three full pages. I’ve noticed though that they are not just about ‘brain drain’ anymore. I’m coming up with ideas through them. Ive also started breaking my goals down into more achievable steps. I’ve realised that writing a novel in a week is a bit unrealistic but maybe a page everyday is better. I’ve also noticed that I’m better at achieving the goals and tasks I set myself each day.

This week for my artist’s date I went easy and simple. While doing one of the tasks this week I discovered that I hadn’t been doing the things I really liked to do. One of those things was reading poetry and another was sitting outside. The weather was amazing this week (Shocker!!) so I took a blanket and a poetry book to the garden. Plain and simple, no fuss, no deciding what to wear out or where to go. It was fun, relaxing and I rediscovered many of my favourite poems.

This week my confidence levels are very high. That is something I don’t think I’ve ever said about myself. I’m more confident in me as a writer and as a person. I submitted two pieces to two journals to see if they will publish them and I also have a job interview. Considering a job interview is something I haven’t been able to do for over five years, so having the confidence to go for it is a huge achievement for me.

I struggled through the tasks at the end of this chapter and found that I couldn’t answer a lot of the questions. There was one about people I admire and I found it very difficult to answer.
Over all the week was good. I’m still enjoying the Artist’s Way and am looking forward to a new week.

In case you are wondering and haven’t read my other posts, yes I got the job!

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