The Artist’s Way Week 4

The Artist’s Way Week 4

Another achievement, I’ve made it to week four. It has been full of ups and downs but I’ve made it this far.

This week is about ‘Recovering a sense of integrity’. This chapter says that through the morning pages we should be getting a sense of our real feelings. So instead of saying ‘that’s fine’ I am now saying, ‘I’m really annoyed’ or ‘no that’s not okay’. The morning pages may have also shown us what we really want, like or need from life. I realised that while my electric kettle did the job what I really wanted was a whistling kettle for the gas hob. We begin to re-assess our lives and cleaning them out. Out with old clothes, knick knacks, habits, beliefs and electric kettles. From now on its clothes that fit and make me feel good, the belief that yes I am good enough and a shiny new whistling blue kettle!

I am extremely tired this week. Trying to find a new balance between life, the Artist’s Way and a new job is not easy. One morning I was so tired that I fell asleep on the page after writing only a few lines. I’m facing into another period of adjustment. I attempted all 7 days of morning pages but found I was forcing the words onto the page.

Out of my first wages I bought a new adult colouring book, emphasis on adult! So that was my artist’s date this week. The book came with pencils so I took the book and a cup of tea to my spare room leaving behind orders that unless there was a mortal injury or the house was on fire I was not to be disturbed. I sat, sipped and coloured for over an hour. It was great fun and very relaxing. While I coloured my mind was completely focused on the job at hand. It didn’t wander or drift off. I was totally present in the moment. That must be why the book is called ‘Mindful Mandalas’.

I’m now more aware of instances of synchronicity and more open to it. Although the whole idea of the Universe giving me what I ask for is still a little mind boggling. I’d ask for someone tall, dark and handsome to test it but I don’t think Husband would be too impressed! I might be wrong of course, but I doubt it.

While I am still adjusting to my new routine, I think I’m dealing with it very well and I’m still on the mood and energy high. I’m doing my best to balance everything but not being hard on myself when I can’t. This week I’ve noticed a more positive outlook starting to creep into my personality and I’m not entirely comfortable with it. I feel like Wednesday Addams coming out of the creepy happy hut in The Addams Family Values and trying to smile. (For those of you who don’t get that reference for shame!!) I have always been a negative person, I used to say I was optimistically pessimistic. I was negative and I liked it. This new ‘it’ll all work out in the end’ attitude is very off putting! If this is the effect the next few weeks will have on me, I’m not entirely sure I want to carry on. I quite like being miserable.

Yes, I know I’m weird, thank you!

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